das nennen wir mal transparenz! macht’s moeglich.
alle zu- und absagen werden schoen saeuberlich erfasst. 🙂

dazu empfehlen wir den eingaengigen text zur doppel- oder vielfach beschickung von verlagen und/oder zeitschriften. damit ist sowohl ein oder mehrfachverlag und/oder zeitschrift gemeint. 😉

The truth is many editorial departments are taking an average of 6-12 months to respond to submissions. Writers have no choice but to send simultaneous submissions, otherwise we’d die of old age before we’d see our books published.

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  1. That website is sick, a real voyeuristic pile of puke. The author should be ashamed. I mean, how could he make jokes about his failure? He deserves a swift kick in the ass.

  2. on the contrary, brooke, he accepts the failure rather than moan in despair.
    besides, he explains pretty well why he does that. reading sometimes helps.
    si tacuisses…8-)

  3. brooke – self-voyeurism ist not that bad! 😉 but the real point. why we took you on snapshot is. that it is indeed an example of transparency. to sum up all incomes and outgoings in and on the literary establishment ladder.

    this transparency is mostly missing in the literary market. no writer really reveals the daily „essentials“ of his/her literary business.

    and wie do not force a „kick in the ass“-policy at all.


  4. annabloom – reading is good. to investigate even better. 🙂 there is a kind of concordance between writer and site. 😉


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