theorie platzebos :: part 2

… dj spookys essay und interview mit manuel de landa

… Hearing Difference: The Seme. – tobias c. van Veen. wir freuen uns ja immer. wenn hakim beys konzept der TAZ (temporaeren autonomen zone) diskutiert wird:

Thus the terrain of the political is no longer that of the subculture. It is no longer of an „in-between“ position, of a politics of disappearance, where the TAZ can act as a third-way, liminal escape from State capital and State communism. For one, and as anarchists and philosophers from Hakim Bey to Kojin Karatani have noted, the fall of State communism means there is no third-position: the subculture becomes the default opposition, and as such, becomes something else.[xvii“> „You’re either with us or against us“ is the“ (Hearing Difference: The Seme. – tobias c. van Veen, nettime)

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