das pseudonym benjamin walter

was lesen wir heute morgen (das muss recherchiert werden!) ueber faelschungen in der fotografie:

Appearing like an avatar of Walter Benjamin’s „age of mechanical reproduction,“ a charlatan using the impish pseudonym Benjamin Walter—and operating in Paris, no less—made a killing by selling bogus vintage works by Man Ray to a number of clients. Apparently printed from Man Ray’s original negatives, Walter’s fakes were so luscious in tone that for years they fooled some of the smartest people in the field. The curator Maria Morris Hambourg, who heads the photographs department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, was prepared to make them the backbone of a Man Ray retrospective until she noticed an anachronistic stamp on the photographic paper—a clue that they were likely not vintage prints.“ (Too Much of a Good Thing – Photography, Forgery, and the Lewis Hine Scandal , atlantic monthly, june 2003 via marking time)

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