reversing vandalism :: eselsohren mal anders

… die seite wertzateria ist an sich schon besuchenswert. wir empfehlen aber das projekt „REVERSING VANDALISM – MAP“. das aus dem verunstalteten buch „gay life“ eine interessante neue collage generiert:

The book was called Gay Life. Opening it up and seeing the cut pages was like holding a dead thing : here lies is a body of information that is lost forever. The book was basic information for queers living in New York City: how to find a lover, how to take care of your appearance, how to act in a gay bar, what to do if you’ve been abused by a lover. I drew another body for the book, replaced some words that had been cut out and added a few others, and gave it back to the pages. (REVERSING VANDALISM – MAP)

(via cheesedip)

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