opensource :: in afrika

interessante einblicke in die probleme mit open source entwicklungen in afrika:

The point I found most interesting was Guido’s argument that most African developers are so busy struggling to make ends meet – in an environment where tech equipment costs 2-4x what it does in Europe and the US, where technical books are almost nonexistent, where there are no credit cards to purchase from Amazon – that they don’t have time to share, building code for public consumption. There are counterexamples, like the project, but not many examples of African programmers producing new F/OSS code. He suggests that the African programming community will have to grow greatly, and that the few programmers working in the field will need to get more economic security, before we expect African developers to seriously consider contributing to F/OSS projects.

Guido Sohne at WOS3 (ethan zuckerman’s weblog via

in deep:
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  1. crescentsi – it is more likely. that even the africans get networks. 🙂 shouldn’t they get none? we fear. to argue about africans as „the other“ won’t help really.

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