koeln :: kitsch deluxe


das unglaubliche schaufenster von kitsch deluxe – koernerstrasse 26 – in koeln/ehrenfeld

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  1. non c’est une fleur i can see it in the breath of the oily window.

    [go] Jeff Koons „high culture“

  2. I can see a distinct „seeigel“ entering the bedroom. A „seeigel“ unfolding its legs to become a „seestern“

  3. this transformation is somehow familiar (as it will stay „in the family“) ;-)
    (i have to fill the lines here to not blast the weblog layout-cause of the graphic following – lalalalalalal)

  4. [ – ]
    [ * ]
    (( and then atoms

    + –
    intuition formula by introspection ..
    u = space !
    = atomos

    + –

    metaphor is not knowing –
    [ not knowing what?
    linguistical error []

    nothing = 0
    something = 0

  5. Northern Australia telephony uninteratted. she Climbed the backwaters of rh rockies and stumbled upon metonymy …. *waiting the bull sheeved
    *Jeff Koons owes it to Warhol
    *Heinz owes it to Mahler
    *Broccade is a tense stuttering
    fish folwing

  6. Of course the Internet is fish*Internet ist fisch not because og their interelation with flukes* neither serendipity* mais thet lambency* kerzenlicht schooling flocking or movement a shimmer of a twist like baked beans

  7. neither chance (mais oui) nor the everywhere of water (og) will describe telecommunications as if pop art had a new canvas

  8. but, dear reader, writer, salesman, water and stood heady cloud udder shudder upon moorland heath, farmlands esoteric nonsense teknologising better than the Internet, I ask you this….

    is the colour of sand the colour of a soldier crab?
    but, the answer would always be a penguin. Immanuel Kant couldn’t do it, Levi Strauss couldn’t do it

    not even Jung and his protozoic fiction anima/animas and streams of consciousness

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