k. silem mohammad – Hanging Out with Pablo and Jennifer

ein wirklich erfrischendes experimentelles e-book von k. silem mohammad am morgen. vor allem der text “does your poetry hold”. aber auch diverse seiner anderen texte sind sehr witzig und schnittgenau auf den “poetischen habitus” zugefeilt. das e-book ist bei durationpress.com erschienen und liegt als pdf-format vor. (dort liegen im uebrigen noch mehr interessante e-books auf)

“Assignment: Write a piece of poetry as an immigrant coming to America. Your poetry does not need to rhyme. You may write your poetry in any form. Do you think your poetry does, if only incidentally, fight evil? If you take this route, be sure that your poetry does not rest in the boxes in your dwelling. If your poetry does not show up within 24 hours it is for one of three reasons. 1. Your e-mail address didnÕt work. 2. Your poem É not for everyone. 4. Your poetry does not need to rhyme. Unrhyming verse is also beautiful.”

Hanging Out with Pablo and JenniferK. Silem Mohammad (pdf)

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