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wir sind ja immer noch am weiterlesen. alles was uns zwischen die finger kommt in sachen charlotte brontes „jane eyre“.

wir sehen daher diesen eintrag hier als verlaengerten arm einer bestaendigen nachlektuere und reihen hier einfach sekundaeres an sekundantes. nicht mehr und nicht weniger. 🙂

just begin here:

… Jane Eyre: ÒHazarding ConfidencesÓ – LISA STERNLIEB (pdf)
stichworte: rolle der leserin im text, intimitaet und rollenverstaendnis der protagonistin jane eyre im hinblick auf die leserin

In this essay I hope to defamiliarize a heroine who has engendered a profound but false sense of intimacy with her reader. I will do this by concentrating on JaneÕs construction of the reader as confidante, a role modeled on her own position as confidante to Rochester. By remaining a silent confidante as a character, Jane is given a voice as a narrator. While tracing JaneÕs fascination with vengeance, I will show how her expressed desire for a close relationship with both Rochester and her reader is countered by the subterfuge of her narrative.

… No WomanÕs Land: Deterritorialization in Jane Eyre – Ann Marie Martinez (pdf)
Stichworte: deleuze/guattari, konzept der deterritorialisierung

Jane Eyre does not belong anywhere or to anyone. Her parents and her home, by misfortune, were taken from her, and she has been left without anything to call her own Ð without a territory. According to Gilles Deleuze and FŽlix GuattariÕs concept of territory, in the ethological sense [it] is understood as the environment of a group [É] that cannot itself be objectively located, but is constituted by the patterns of interaction through which the group or pack secures a certain stability and location.
…The Profession of the Author: Abstraction, Advertising, and Jane Eyre – Sharon Marcus’s, PMLA – Mar 1995; 110,2. pp. 206-19. (pdf)
stichworte: autorkonzept, sichtbarkeit-/unsichtbarkeit, praesenz/nicht-praesenz im literarischen markt zu brontes zeit, herausarbeitung dieser konzepte im text

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