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Paradoxically, the business-as-usual activity of everyday literary life, which includes constant and never-ending contention, leads more and more to poets writing in very similar styles. The paradox is, it seems to me, that the more poets experience contention from one another, the more their work tends to become alike. In the heterodox world of blogging, much variation and idiosyncrasy can be encouraged or at least tolerated, because the atmosphere while occasionally containing conflict is mostly one of writers following and responding to each other’s blogs with interest, and also becoming more interested in reading each other’s non-blogged literary objects and the works being read. (nick piombino: Confessions of a Blog Artist)

… nick piombinos weblogfait accompli
… aktuelles interview mit piombino im magazin sidereality

im uebrigen ist die blogger szene der englischsprachigen experimentellen literatur beinahe uferlos. aber trotzdem (es gibt immer abstriche) eine sehr interessante bewegung. (via cassandra pages)

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  1. hi beth!
    oh yes – we liked the interview a lot. cause we are very interested in a kind of metablogging. especially if an experimental writer expresses his notes about blogging.

    in general we are very impressed about the „huge“ experimental literature scene blogging across the sea. 🙂 there is no equivalent here in germany or austria yet. maybe in a few years…

    and we read your blog too. 🙂


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