artfacts artist ranking :: top 100 chart

quelle: artfacts artist ranking top 100 chartThe A.R reflects the artists exhibition career from 1999 to today as seen from the perspective of the organizing curators of museums and private galleries.

und wie funktioniert das ranking:

Basically the artist ranking weights exhibitions by a special algorithm. Each exhibition gains automatically a certain value. These exhibition values are called points. On a yearly basis all artists participating in exhibitions receive the sum of the points of the exhibitions involved. The higher the amount of points for an individual artist, the higher is his rank. The artist with the highest number of points will be the number 1, the artist with the second most points will be number 2 and so on.

und was bedeutet in diesem system „beruehmt“:

Famous artists establish the basis of the artist ranking system. Famous, are artists which are collected by museums or represented by galleries on an international scale. Institutions, cities and finally all exhibitions gain their points from the number and the worth of famous artists linked to them.

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