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wir breiten hier mal die korrekturfahne aus >> blogs aus afrika update:

wir lesen gerade in Notes from Somewhere Bizzare, dass sich dieser blog nicht in afrika situiert, sondern mittlerweile in italien – hier wird klar. in wie weit geographische festlegungen bezueglich weblogs nur bedingt feststellbar sind. warum man sich ueberhaupt mit „westsahara“ in verbindung gebracht hat. wird hier erklaert:

But the choice of Western Sahara was not a random act. As an act of digital poetics I placed Notes from Somewhere Bizarre out in the middle of nowhere, far away from the power nodes and consumption hubs of the global ghetto, where it could claim a nomadic ancestry, on the extreme border of the Empire, sandwiched between a desert of water and an ocean of sand, in a place few have heard of, where the landmines don’t make the headlines, and its conflict is forgotten together with its refugee camps. “ (Notes from Somewhere Bizzare)

das ist fuer uns allright. das einzige problem dabei ist nur. so schnuert sich die liste der afrikanischen blogs noch enger zusammen. and we would like to correct this: “ And recently I’ve been getting traffic from a German blog, seemingly bemused to find situationist theory discussed from deep within the desert…“ (Notes from Somewhere Bizzare) we did not in any way amuse about the blogs focus on situationism. we have to admit. we are very interested in talking about situationism. 🙂

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  1. Hi,

    First of all, apologies for writing in English, but I do not speak/understand German, which also explains why I wrote „seemingly bemused…“. Seemingly because in order to grasp the essence of your post I used Google’s automatic translator, which as you may know, turns out to be quite a situationist practice in itself, seeing that these tools routinely „detourn“ the original meaning into strangely surreal sentences – as if born again dadaist had written the code.

    Anyway, I took a visual derive through your blog and was fascinated by the links that appeared in the text you quoted from my entry. Is a random procedure?

    maximum respect, ashley

  2. hi ashley :: wow. great you get my answer too :: never apologize for writing in english :: german is not that used 🙂 :: oh i made similar experiences when translating italian or french (it’s a shame not to speak even one of this languages – italian only to get to rome once a while..) with google :: but in great despair i could understand a lot after the translation :: but not the whole content of course :: machines are machines 🙂

    oh the linkage in my blog 🙂 it’s not a secret :: it’s a kind of scripting that only work with a special blogging software (pmachine or meanwhile moveable type) :: you can check and reach it at: :: they use for sure a kind of linking diverse blogs together :: i think the procedure is via content and keywords…:-) it’s nice and irritating for the most of my readers i fear…

    greetings from cologne…serner

    btw: may i ask about your special focus on situationism…:-)

    if you are interessted in some avantgarde theorie matter?! 🙂 then i could suggest a developing site:… there is a lot of english stuff too..,

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