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contextin’art: is a mini-portal for the exploration of the context of art through art. The economic, political and social forces shaping the histories of art are visualized as artworks themselves. With „Contextin‘ Art“, visitors can visually browse the often invisible relationships between art, electoral politics, and economic philanthropy.“ (via context weblog )

– Wild Area Disturbance – ricardo dominguez (Electronic Disturbance Theater ) im interview : „It is something of a cliché to say that net culture is in constant flux. However, recent seismic shifts in the political and cultural landscape brought about by the economic downturn, the further militarisation of American foreign policy after September 11 and the museumification of are forcing many to rethink the aims of electronic engagement. Here, interdisciplinary artist and writer Coco Fusco talks to hacktivist and Electronic Disturbance Theater member Ricardo Dominguez about the hybrid net_art_activism‚ past and future

– ein weiteres interview mit Ricardo Dominquez: „The institutionalization of vs. the institutionalization of network_art_activism are two different conditions contained by the same dominant trajectory of the cultural institutions desire to be digitally correct. They need to be digitally correct because they are seeking economic support from a large corporations like Microsoft etc., This means that artists become just another R&D group for these companies – this type of techno-formalist work then becomes the aesthetic standard that the museums will show and gallery system will support. This circuit of presentation will disallow any form of work that is not driven by the code qua code eschatology of techno-formalism.

The Industry Behind the Curtain: RTMarkt analysiert. warum gerade die genindustrie netzkunst. die sich mit dem thema gene beschaeftigt. foerdert.

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