nach dem laddism :: nun chav

Chavs have such a tribal dress code that you can spot one yards away! Now what makes the Chavs attire so funny is that they think they are at the cutting edge fashion and that by adorning their body with hunks of worthless 9ct gold crap they look rich! In reality what they do look like are a bunch of fucking pikeys! With this handy field guide, if you count more than 2 points on a single person, you are almost certainly looking at a Chav!

how to spot a chav – a user’s guide to britains’s new ruling class

was ist ein „chav“?
chav in der wikipedia (hier wird chav in verbindung mit auslaenderfeindlichkeit und hooliganism gesetzt)
chavs (blog: london leben)
… chavelfish – translate your english into chav

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