japanische kueche :: trend in new york

NEW YORKERS have long believed that a credit card, an open mind and the wit to put yourself in the hands of a great sushi master are a sure route to understanding Japanese cuisine. (…)

New York is undergoing a crash course in Japanese flavors that goes well beyond sushi and soba. Learning to choose among maguro, chutoro and otoro grades of tuna is, it turns out, the tip of the iceberg. We now live in a world of sansho and shishito peppers, griddled takiyoki (octopus balls), crisp okonomiyaki (vegetable fritters), fine aged sakes with the richness of oloroso sherry, handmade gyoza dumplings and organic artisanal tofu.

Japanese cooking in New York now is where French cooking was in the mid-1970’s.

Flavors Fresher Than Sushi – JULIA MOSKIN, new york times 07.01.04 (registrierung ist gratis!)

btw: klar. dass franzoesische kueche seit dem irakkrieg nicht mehr en vogue ist. ergibt sich die frage. waren die japaner die besseren „partner“. ;-)

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