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jane austens sanditon (1817, erstveroeffentlicht nach ihrem tod – unvollendet – 11 kapitel)

„sanditon“ hat diverse vollendungen/nachahmungen erlebt u.a.:
… erster versuch: jane austens nichte Anna Lefroy – blieb fragementarisch
… Alice CobbettÕs ÒSanditon“ (1932)
… Marie DobbsÕs ÒSanditon – from Jane Austen and Another LadyÓ (1975)
… Julia BarrettÕs „Charlotte: Her Fragment of a Last Novel Completed“ (2000)
… D.J. EdenÕs „Sanditon“ (2002)
… A Completion of Sanditon – juliette shapiro (2004)

… bibliographie der jane austen nachahmungen/fortsetzungen


Jane Austen and her imitator (s 6, pdf)

ÔSanditon Ð the success of Sanditon as a small, fashionable Bathing Place Ð was the object for which he seemed to live. A very few years ago, and it had been a quiet Village of no pretensions; but some natural advantages in its position and some accidental circumstances having suggested to himself, and the other principal Land Holder, the probability of its becoming a profitable Speculation, they had engaged in it, and planned and built, and praised and puffed,17 and raised it to something of young Renown Ð and Mr Parker could now think of very little besides.Õ

The Representation of Business in English Literature – Arthur Pollard (pdf)

In Sanditon, we can see a seaside resort developing exactly like the real ones all along the coast. It began as Ôa cluster of fishermenÕs housesÕ at the mouth of Ôan inconsiderable streamÕ. It gradually developed into Ôa quiet village of no pretensionsÕ at the foot of a hill Ôa church, some shops and a few cottagesÕ. Then the modern development began: the cottages were smartened up with white curtains to attract lodgers, new homes had trendy contemporary names like ÔProspect HouseÕ and ÔBellevue HouseÕ and Ôone short row of smart-looking Houses, called the Terrace with a broad walk in frontÕ to take advantage of the view. Sanditon has a library, a millinerÕs shop an

ÔSickness is a dangerous Indulgence at my time of LifeÕ

kalendarium und chronologie der brieflichkeiten in „sanditon“
… plan fuer „sanditon“

… bestseller in den jahren 1837-1861
The creation of a lucrative Medical Industry in the 17 th to 19 th Century – Hilary Butler

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