if birds would use :: mobile phones

image sadie plant (just call her doctor, now ;-)) hat im auftrag von motorola eine wirklich interessante studie zum sozialverhalten von handianern erstellt – eine mit nicht herkoemmlichen ansatz- und argumentationspunkten:

„Beyond these mantras, it is the mobile phone itself which has really changed the sonic world. The warbles, beeps and tunes of the mobile have become so common that their calls have begun to constitute a new kind of electronic bird song, changing the soundtrack of the cities and altering the background noise in regions as varied as the forests of Finland and the deserts of Dubai. Many urban song birds have become adept at impersonating mobile tones and melodies. ÔThe phenomenon has been noticed mainly among starlings Ð distant relatives of the mynah bird Ð and song thrushes, although the blackbird and the marsh warbler are not immune.“

The Effects of Mobile Telephones on Social and Individual Life – sadie plant (pdf) – via techetiquette

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