generation debt

amerikanischen studentinnen scheint es nicht anders zu gehen in sachen verschuldung – nur etwa aufgrund von studiengebuehren und den damit einhergehenden krediten weitaus tiefergehend. ein interessanter artikel (village voice scheint eine ganze serie ueber die „generation debt“ zu machen) ueber den „start“ in den kapitalismus:

The cumulative effect is that merely keeping one’s head above water, rather than getting ahead, has become the top priority for Americans between the ages of 18 and 34. Pursuing the relatively modest dream of doing better than the generation before requires serious capital—up front in the form of tuition and loans, and hidden in the form of lost opportunities. Call it the ambition tax—the money you’ve got to pony up if you want a college degree and a shot at middle-class bliss. But it’s really more of a gamble, as there’s no guarantee those tens of thousands of dollars will get you where you want to go.

„The next generation is starting their economic race 50 yards behind the starting line,“ says Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard Law School professor and author of The Two-Income Trap. „They’ve got to pay off the equivalent of one full mortgage before they make it to flat broke, in order to pay for their education. They can never get ahead of the game, because they’re constantly trying to play catch-up.

The Ambition Tax – Brendan I. Koerner. Village Voice (via spitting image)

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