genderqueer, trannydyke and boi :: gender options

Someone who is „genderqueer,“ for example, views the gender options as more than just male and female or doesn’t fit into the binary male-female system. A „trannydyke“ is a transgender person (whose gender is different than the one assigned at birth) attracted to people with a more feminine gender, while a „pansexual“ is attracted to people of multiple genders. A „boi“ describes a boyish gay guy or a biological female with a male presentation; and „heteroflexible“ refers to a straight person with a queer mind-set.

Nuances of gay identities reflected in new language ‚Homosexual‘ is passŽ in a ‚boi’s‘ life – Rona Marech, San Francisco Chronicle 08.02.04 (via G3RM)

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