die singende postkarte

auch so eine verschuettete tradition – die singenge postkarte (nein – nicht was Sie jetzt meinen – karte auf und durch – den jingle):

“ Oral historian Alan Dein has discovered a long-forgotten collection of „Sound Postcards“. From 1905 to the early 1960s these were an early form of multi-media communication: postcards which you bought on holiday, scribbled a message on, sent home and which your relatives could then put on the turntable and play on their gramophone. On one side the cards had techni-coloured images made in laminated plastic. On the other, the personal holiday “Wish you were here!” descriptions of people’s long forgotten trips abroad. The cards’ images of the Matterhorn, the Trevi fountain in Rome, or the blue mosque in Istanbul were brought to life when they were put onto a gramophone. Authentic sounds from overseas followed: speeches in unknown languages, buskers from sunny street corners, folk songs from distant villages.“ (About the Singing Postcard – BBC)

mal reinhoeren als RAM….und hier die entsprechende karte dazu…und dann einfach weiterhoeren…:-)

+++ noch mehr klingende alte postkarten

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