Das Dichterfoto hochrechnen: Thomas Pynchon

Photography, for Pynchon, is a metaphor for the power of modernity. His refusal to participate in it has led with the publication of this new book to some grotesqueries. The New York Times published with its daily review a photo from his high-school yearbook. Another paper printed an artist’s projection, based on the same yearbook photo, of what Pynchon might look like now, at age 69. On The Simpsons ((kurzer Clip auf You Tube: Simpsons – What Do You Think, Thomas Pynchon?)), of course, he occasionally appears with a paper bag over his head, and every decade or so someone claims to have met him in a bar on the Upper West Side. But Pynchon knows what he knows: Photographs are what they take so they’ll know what you look like when they want to kill you.

Quelle: Thomas Pynchon’s Against the Day (New York Magazine Book Review, 4.12.06)

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