basically the camera is our first weapon

zur rolle von kamera und kameramann im krieg (hier speziell bei der festnahme von hussein). deutlich ist in „Camera Down the Hole, and the World Follows It“ (NYT) die lueckenlose ueberlagerung zwischen waffe und dokumentationsinstrument zu erkennen. quasi w.z.b.w..

„It’s not Betacam of course,“ Staff Sgt. Wesley Wooten, a combat cameraman, explained in a telephone interview from Baghdad. „But it’s the next best thing in my opinion.“

Sony PD 150’s are the same cameras many photojournalists use, but some combat camera operators, like the one who shot Mr. Hussein’s medical exam, still manage to give their video a raw, low-fi look. Perhaps that’s because they are often in the dark about what to shoot until the last minute.


Sometimes, for the members of the combat camera crew, the roles of soldier and documentarian come into conflict, Sergeant Wooten said.

„Basically what we’re trained for is that the camera is our first weapon,“ he said, with a laugh suggesting he had his own ideas. „And then our attack weapon is secondary to the camera. But there comes a point where you have to make a choice. Me personally, I try to do both. We’re lucky enough to carry pistols. It gives you some more protection. You can shoot and shoot at the same time.“ (new york times, 16.12.03)

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