a bagel is a fountain >> avantgarde leicht gemacht!

„So, aside from one being profit oriented and the other not, what’s the difference between Finagle-A-Bagel’s surprises and Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain? Both shake up the complacency of expectations; both begin unannounced, instead waiting to be discovered and interpreted (Fountain was originally displayed in cabarets and clubs as an unexplained object, not in galleries); both, though beginning as unexpected pleasure, become commodified and profit-oriented, whether by drawing repeat business or by drawing museum patrons. Neither is a ‚true‘ avant garde project, because as Burger argues there’s no such thing: the New is always coopted into the commoditized. So why can’t Finagle’s marketing object, like Duchamp’s, be interpreted as a flawed project in avant garde marketing (flawed as avant garde that is, successful as marketing, just as Fountain is now that it stands in museums)?“

(fundstelle: onepotmeal)

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